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Staying in our yurt

Before you book we want to give you a full picture of what to expect. Our beautiful yurt provides an off-grid glamping experience. For those of you expecting flushing toilets, central heating and hair dryer this is not the holiday for you.


Change Over Days: Mondays and Fridays (Weekend break Fri to Mon or Midweek Mon – Fri)


Check in: 4pm. Check Out: 10am


Parking: There is a gravel parking area 50m away from your yurt. The path to the yurt is grass and can be wet and muddy so suitable footwear is recommended. We like to maintain the wild feeling of the woods and the dark skies so there is no artificial lighting outside of the yurt, we recommend you bring a head torch when arriving after dark.





"It's a magical spot to spend a few days. Actually just hanging out at the yurt is a really lovely thing to do. Cooking on the campfire. As a set up everything is so well thought through and there's loads of lovely creative touches and details. It's super comfortable and relaxing! And the owners are so welcoming too! We loved it!" Tom

Kitchen: Inside the yurt is a fully equipped kitchen area, with a sink, two gas rings and small fridge. It also includes crockery, pans, cutlery, etc. All you need for preparing a simple meal.


Water: There is a 25ltr water containers in the kitchen, and one 25ltr container in the bathroom. These will be full on your arrival. Once emptied you need to refill them at the tap out side the yurt.


Log Burner: There is a lovely little, efficient log burner in the yurt which will keep you very toasty. A basket of logs is provided, which will enable you to have a fire each night of your stay. If you require extra there is a log store by the side of the yurt. The yurt is fully insulated so it’s cosy.


Power: The yurt’s power is 12 volt and is provided by a solar panel. There are two usb sockets to charge phones, but there is no power to run laptops, hair dryers etc.

Bathroom: The bathroom has its own door from the yurt and is located across a short walk way. The shower requires you to boil water in the kettle and fill a 12 litre container. An electric pump then pumps it through the shower head. 


The toilet is a composting loo. It will be clean and empty for each booking. How does it work? Everyone needs to sit down to use it. Wee goes down a funnel at the front, and solids go into a bucket behind the funnel.  After you have been for a number two, cover it with sawdust. This dries everything out and prevents it from smelling. Our toilet is far more luxurious than festival toilets or porta loos, and doesn’t use any horrible chemicals. 


Dogs: Sadly dogs are not allowed on site.


Camp fire: The yurt has its own private fire pit. Logs are supplied in the log store by the side of the yurt.

BBQ: No barbeque is provided. Please keep any disposable BBQ on the gravel area of the fire pit and not on the patio or grass. 


Security: A yurt is a fancy tent. Although the doors have locks, the walls are made of canvas. We recommend not leaving anything of any value in it when you are out.


Bedding: The bed is a double with a king size duvet. All bedding and towels are provided. 


Smoking: Please do not smoke in the yurt.


Field mice: Remember a yurt is a tent in the woods, and any food and crumbs lying around makes a perfect feast for a hungry mouse. We do our best to remain rodent free, please help us by keeping all food either in the cool box or food box provided.  


The Site: The yurt is nestled on the edge of four acres of woodland and meadow, with incredible views across the Lake District. You are welcome to walk around the woods and sit by the pond. It’s an amazing area for children to explore but children must be supervised at all times. The paths can be muddy and the usual hazards of woodlands and ponds are present. 



Summer house: Situated by the pond is our summer house, perfect place to sit with a drink in the evening whilst dragonflies dart above your head.



Yurt Life: Although the yurt provides a level of comfort not achieved whilst camping, it is still a tent; it’s cold until you light the fire and bright in the morning when the sun comes up. The perfect way to get back to nature and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.